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The work I am currently making revolves around my post student experience. Transferring from the denial of student-hood to the harsh reality of wokring full time. 

You are my missing puzzle piece (2023)
Digital drawing

You are my missing puzzle piece is a heartfelt artwork. A combination of poetry and drawings from semantic photographs. My focus here was to emphasise the emotion I felt when I had finished university, and my friends had all started to move back home, especially overseas. Drawing from the photographs of when we were together and removing any trace of humanity. The pencil marks the digital canvas, but in reality it is just a ghost of the gestures to create this piece, a series of 1s and 0s.

Prints of this work are available for £20 in A3 and £8 for A4

you are my missing puzzle piece finished small.jpg

It is so bittersweet (2022) 

Video, duration 1:50 minutes

07:23 (2022)

Artist Book, tracing paper, typewriter, thread, corrector tape, water soluble crayon.

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